Computer Tester/ Repair Technician

The Computer Tester is responsible for performing primarily electrical (but also some mechanical) configurations and tests to ensure correct operation and will need to make necessary configurations to produce correct drive images per customer requirements. Will also perform troubleshooting & repair of returned material.


  1. Responsible for the execution of testing, imaging, and configuration processes on computer and related assemblies according to best practices and build instructions developed by Manufacturing Engineering.
  2. Responsible for identifying and reporting process deficiencies to the Manufacturing Engineer.
  3. Responsible for identifying and reporting workmanship problems of the computers and related assemblies under test and rejecting to the Manufacturing Manager for resolution and resubmission to test processes.
  4. Performs troubleshooting of functional faults in units submitted for test processes.
  5. During lulls in Computer Testing work, supports other activities of the Repair Center such as:
    • Unbox and receive incoming returns while documenting relevant unit state
    • Interpreting customer reported problems and troubleshooting root cause
    • Repairing and revalidation of troubleshot units
    • Coherently documents repair activities


  1. Must be familiar with the final assembly and service of electronic assemblies.
  2. Must have an excellent understanding of computer technology including operating systems, especially the Windows family of products.
  3. Requires good oral and written communication skills in order to interact professionally and courteously with other Associates and write repair reports that may be read by customers.
  4. Must be able to work independently with little supervision.
  5. Must have the ability to read and understand blueprints, electrical schematics, and other manufacturing instructions.
  6. Must be familiar with basic power tools such as a power drill and power screw driver.


Requires a High school diploma or equivalent and prior work experience, preferably in a IT support or computer manufacturing environment. Associates degree in electronics or equivalent experience in trouble shooting/ repairing electrical/mechanical systems preferred.


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