Our Philosophyorgchart-8.5x11

One of our overall philosophies is to treat our associates, vendors and customers the way we would like to be treated.
This has been a winning strategy which we will continue to promote and practice. It is dependent on all of our efforts
to work together in a spirit of positive cooperation and collaboration.

GMI Solutions has a unique organization chart, one that shows that all our associates are accountable to our customers.
Thus, the reason why the customer is at the center of our organization chart and should always be thought of as our
ultimate supervisor and judge.

Our goal is to continue our growth by building on our outstanding reputation for quality products and services. We also
take pride in the strong, long-term relationships that we have with each of our valued customers.  The credit and
responsibility for this can be attributed to every one of our associates.


pyramidOur Mission

In these days of questionable quality and unsustainable life cycle requirements, GMI Solutions will expand our great services into additional capital equipment markets. Our tag line, which you will see on most new materials, is: “Manufacturing What Matters“. Truth is, we love solving problems. We’ve set up our entire global organization to do just that, and certainly OEMs in every industry have some common problems.

Our Vision

Understanding needs and developing superior solutions by challenging conventional thinking through empowered associates worldwide.