With the wide range of opportunities available at GMI Solutions we empower you to experience a flexible and rewarding career with us. When new opportunities become available we offer them to our employees first, so there is a great potential for growth. We believe in treating our associates well and 1/3 of them have spent their careers here at GMI Solutions. We offer a benefits package that will acknowledge all of your hard work and support the achievements of those business results.

1. Our Mission

Our mission statement, which you will see on most new materials, is: “Solving problems and creating value globally“. Truth is we love solving problems. We’ve set up our entire global organization to do just that, and certainly OEMs in every industry have some common problems.

2. Innovation

Our team assists our customers with a full range of innovation and designs to help get their application / product to market faster. To do this we offer some of the latest technologies including Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork is a valuable asset of our associates as it plays a key role in each department through our collaborations. We work together to support our partners, clients and each other.

4. Respect

One of our overall goals is to treat our associates, vendors and customers the way we would like to be treated. Conversely, GMI Solutions expects the same treatment from each associate. This has been a winning strategy which we will continue to promote and practice. It is dependent on all of our efforts to work together in a spirit of positive cooperation and collaboration

We continue to grow by building on our outstanding reputation for quality products and services. The credit and responsibility for this can be attributed to every one of our associates.

5. Fun

While each and every associate works hard to accomplish our goals we encourage each associate to have fun. Our relaxed environment provides a suitable environment for our associates to thrive and enjoy what they do. From company cook-outs, community events to departmental pranks we encourage our associates to have fun.